With the new version of Simplicité appeared the possibility of creating themes

To get started, go to your menu by going to the “Interface” menu and then to the bottom of the submenu in “Theme“. This brings you to your theme list. Since this is your first theme the list will normally be empty. To create your theme, click on the “Create” button, then the page allowing you to access the creation options of your theme opens.

First : Your theme information

The first part gathers the information of your theme. Start by giving it a name. Then choose a base, you can choose between a “clear”, “dark” or “default” base. It is necessary to choose from these bases in order to start your customization.

Choose a logo for your “Scope”, this logo will allow you to identify your application. Then choose the application to which you want to apply your theme.

You can click on the small magnifying glass to directly select the application to which you want to apply your theme. If you already have a CSS file (from a previous theme) you can import it by clicking on the “Addon styles” part, otherwise the file will be automatically created when you save your theme You have just laid the foundations of your theme.

Second : header / footer and logo

This section allows you to edit the items. You can directly enter the hexadecimal codes or select the color of your choice with the button to the right of the field. You can preview your changes by clicking on the “Save” button at the top right of your screen.

The “invert logo” option allows you to apply a CSS filter to invert the color of the logo (Note *: it is recommended to use this option for monochrome logos). Once you have set up your header and footer, you are given the option to do it for the menu as well as the “Home” area, this area represents the content area within which the content of your application is displayed (See first image).

Once you setup you are satisfied you should apply it to the view of your choice. To do this, click “Interface” and then click “View.” This brings you to the list of all Simplicité views you have set. Select the view to which you want to apply the theme. Here we will choose the “View” Home.

In the “Home” section select the layout you want to apply to, we advise you to take the responsive layout. Then select your theme, click “Save”.

Et voilà !