impliciimplicité brings value apporte de la valeur à IBM Bluemix


IBM relies on Simplicité to bring value to its Cloud Bluemix offering. Simplicité is one of the first French publishers officially present in the Bluemix catalog, and among the first 15 “third-party” references. IBM’s confidence in Simplicité is a real guarantee of seriousness, innovation and sustainability. We are all very proud!


Simplicité Software launches “open model”

Simplicité opens up its business models to all. Already several self-service models, in the form of application templates: Management of order taking, Annual interviews and catalog of training HR, Management of a fleet of mobiles, Cartography of the IT.

  • 1, 2, 3… ready!!
  • 1. send us an e-mail;
  • 2.we instantiate you a Simplicité on the cloud with the chosen model
  • 3. Customize your template and create your business application!

Do you have any other ideas? Of outstanding needs? Post your needs and we will study the possibility of creating a generic model.


David went to the CEBIT in Hanover

Cebit-wurstA few “currywurst” later, it comes back with the conviction that the confidence that IBM Bluemix gives us is a real asset for our international development, Bluemix being “in PaaS” to become a must in the cloud market. IBM and SAP ubiquitous at Cebit.



Simplicité at JobFair RudeBaguette


Simplicité is present at the Rude Baguette event and hopes to recruit its excellent next collaborator WebMarketing, CommunityManagment, WebDesign, and more if affinity! This is where:

Thomas next to Thierry Mandon – Secretary of State for State Reform and Simplification

thomas-Thierry-mandonDuring a meeting organized by the DILA (Prime Minister’s Services) under the PIA (Future Investment Program), Thomas participates in a round table (animated) on the simplification of associative approaches. Direct simplicité of Simplification!





You may have already had it on the phone, otherwise, do not worry, this will happen soon !! Let’s welcome Kevin’s arrival as a Business Engineer in a professionalization contract.