Formal calendar in Gmail

The Simplicité platform allows you to configure many actions. One of them allows you to send an invitation by email for any type of need: a train journey, delivery, the end of a process… or any other need concerning your activity.

In order for the email to arrive correctly formatted in the mailboxes there are a number of parameters to take into account. Invitations now contain the appropriate formatting for proper display of emails in Gmail mailboxes, for example. This type of display is interpreted differently according to your mailbox, in any case, the attached file will contain all the information of your calendar event.

Your Hangout calls directly from the contact form

Recently a customer asked us to integrate a new feature in order to be able to automatically trigger a call via Google’s hangout mailbox. In just a few clicks, David, the Simplicity Master APIs manage to integrate this new functionality to make your calls in one click! And since a video is worth more than a long speech…

Excel, Word or PowerPoint files? No need to download, you can preview

Last but not least, a new feature just implemented allows you to preview the documents when they appear! So, next to the traditional download button, the Preview button has been added to get a concrete preview of the documents, this function is now available for all documents in. docx,. ppt,. xls format.








All of these features are available for version 4 of the platform.