📰 Our column: Low-code, an asset for the “next world”? 🗞

In an “after world” tinged with uncertainties, we remind (as objectively as possible), why low-code is a very important asset to bounce back and take the right course! So, when do we start? (Article in french)

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👩‍💻 New videos to present Simplici 👨‍💻

What is Simplicité? Who is the platform for? Who are the customers? How does the platform work? Who are the different profiles?.

We’ve used the quarantine time to create a series of videos that can simply answer all these questions.

Discover the many facets of the platform through an order-taking use case.

See videos (subtitles soon available in english)

🔮 V5 is coming  🔮

It will not have escaped you, our user club will not take place, as in previous years, before the summer.

However, we wish to keep this privileged moment of exchange with our customers and partners. In fact, we are planning to organize this 6ᵉ edition in the autumn of 2020, hoping that by then the sanitary conditions will be in place so that we can take the time to exchange with each other face to face.

We can already tell you that it will also be for us the occasion to present you a new major version of Simplicity, case to follow…

 ✍️ New client case : [IT-CE] – CRM  📝

Discover how IT-CE, an Economic Interest Grouping of the BPCE Group, has equipped itself with a tailor-made CRM with the Simplicity platform!

We would like to warmly thank Alexandra Hallard Busteau, Business Development Director of Groupe BPCE, for her testimony, as well as all the Digital Partenor and IT-CE teams for this wonderful project, which proves (once again) the relevance of low-code!

Read the business case

👨‍💻 New customer : [EPIDE] – Redesign of the Information System core 👩‍💻

We told you about it some time ago via our Linkedin page! Orange Business Services has been chosen to overhaul and operate the digital and strategic transformation of the Establishment for Employment Integration.

In concrete terms, this project will enable EPIDE to gain in efficiency and agility throughout the user experience: from the recruitment of volunteers, the management of their applications, the administrative follow-up, and their support for training.

It is with Simplicité that this project will be carried out! An 8-year contract, which will allow the 4000 users to benefit from a flexible, manageable, scalable and secure tool.

Read the press release

🤝Decision of the DSI 2020 Partnership Club 🤝

For the second consecutive year, we are partners of the Club Decision DSI. On this occasion, we will be delighted to meet the members again at the Innovation Technology Meetings on Wednesday 23rd September 2020, hoping of course that the sanitary conditions will be in place by then

We would like to thank the board members and ambassadors who once again place their trust in us within France’s largest organization of IT decision-makers.

🤝 Partenariat SmartYou // Simplicité 🤝

Simplicité and SmartYou sign a partnership!

This partnership will enable SmartYou to meet the requirements of its clients with the most specific needs and to simplify the strengthening of its presence in Switzerland.

Created in 2003 and based in Switzerland, SmartYou brings together under a common identity an expertise as sharp as it is plural: business solutions, expertise, managed services and digital marketing. It brings together many talents to meet the needs of its clients in Switzerland and abroad.

⚗️ 3 months to try Simplicité  🧪

In these troubled times, we wanted to help those who want to try the low-code adventure. Many uses are shaken by this unprecedented crisis, yesterday teleworking was in gestation, today it is a reality for many. Developing an application accessible in the cloud is one of the best ways to anticipate these sometimes brutal changes. If you already had in mind to test a low-code platform, maybe it’s the right time to start thinking about tomorrow’s uses today.

We have extended our test offer to 3 months instead of 1. No more excuses to get started!

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