❄️ Storm of innovations 🎄

The end of the year festivities are fast approaching and the whole team is on the verge of war in order to bring you lots of new products. But that’s not all! Recruitment, new premises, new partnership, new customers are also on the menu for this busy year-end!

Looking forward to 2018, we wish you a very happy holiday season.

📄   Training : brand new and beautiful 📄

Learn how to use Simplicité with the new training course

As you know, Simplicité is a platform that meets all your business needs. In order to learn how to build your applications by yourself, we have just put a brand new website on line dedicated to learning the platform.  Small tour of the owner:


🚀 What’s new for Simplicité v4 🚀

Empty your cache without emptying the one next door

New, clearer and more concise interface to help you manage different levels of caches.

Easily associate objects

The associate function is back! You can re-link the elements of your objects of your choice with rights groups that you have configured.

Back to the future, return of the Java !

Java is back on the platform. A return to the sources that allows developers to make “remote debug” (in beta version).


Behind this strange name does not hide a hidden version of the platform, but the possibility to share a link to access directly where you want it. A must!

Tree view

This convenient feature allows you to browse from near to near to get access to all the elements of an object. Thanks to the tree view, everything is just a click away.

Predefined search

Tired of doing the same research on your data over and over again? Save and replay them in 1 click.

Undo / Redo

Do you want to go back (or forward)? No problem the Undo / Redo function takes care of everything.

Order by

Would you like to weight your search precisely? Select, choose, add, delete at will.

Toasts notifications

Practical, this type of alerts allows users to be informed of the correct course of an action.

Operational Reporting

Simplicité’s native operational reporting features have been completely revamped with Chart. js. Synthesize, analyze, explore and present your data simply.

Using SMS with Twilio

A Twilio service connector is now available on Simplicité. Do not hesitate to take full advantage of it to manage the accesses, notify by SMS,…

Pillbox for selection fields

This new feature allows you to easily and dynamically manage the criteria of a selection field.

 🏢  Simplicité expands 👨‍💻

After 3 years of apprenticeship at Thalès as a JAVA developer and a course at the Efrei school, we are very pleased to welcome Alistair to the Professional Service (PS) team.

This recruitment allows us to increase our ability to meet all your needs and strengthens Simplicité R&D.

The team expanded so we were a little cramped… Simplicité is therefore moving for more spacious premises at 38 rue de Trévise in Paris !

After a construction phase that will end around 15 January, the team will take possession of the premises in newly renovated offices. We look forward to welcoming you there for coffee and a drink…

👩‍💻 Clients and projects   🗒

We are pleased to assist Amadeus, world leader in the management and distribution of airline tickets.

Amadeus wanted to challenge the Simplicité platform in order to ensure RGPD compliance for the group. A “Proof of Value” (POV) approach has therefore been launched, and we hope that Amadeus has been able to consolidate Amadeus’ choice of Simplicité to manage its RGPD compliance. Case to follow…

The Institut Français du Cheval et de l’ Equitation (French Horse and Horse Riding Institute) has decided to follow a training course that will enable it to launch into the realization of its specific business applications, such as, for example, an application to manage and calculate the “foaling time”.