For some time now we have had this novelty in our tips: The App Store Simplicité.

What is available?

The App Store Simplicity will give you access to different elements:

  • Sample demo examples developed [ Demo order / Demo Website Front / Pizzeria / Burger ]
  • APIs connectors (also called tools) [ Trello / Slack ]
  • Examples of integration with other frameworks [Vue.js / Mustache / NodeRED].
  • External connectors [SalesForce / Opendatasoft] [SalesForce / Opendatasoft
  • Lists of data [ISO countries, ISO Currencies, Currencies conversion rates…].

How does it work?

It’s very simple, just go to the left menu “App Store”.

Click on the “Install” button of the item you wish to install.

The installation is carried out in the background. Then the platform offers you to empty the cache of the application, after a reconnection your module is installed, you can use it!

Finally, by default the imported modules are blank of all data. You will therefore have to import the related data sets.

How are the applications served?

The App Store is connected with our GitHub directory. This way, as soon as we update a module in the App Store, it is deployed and accessible. This also means that we will enrich it as we go along.

Is it possible to have your own App Store?

Yes, this is the purpose for which the App Store was developed. This way you can create your own company App Store yourself.

How is it possible to publish to create one’s Store / applications?

To do this you just have to put one URL per App Store line on the value field of the system parameter: STORE_SOURCE

You can get inspiration for this from appstore.json.