As a matter of fact, we living in a world in a cyber security crisis. Every day in the news we have example of cyber security crisis. The last one was Wannacrypt but it will not be the last. People are less confident with the data they put on track. There is a high level of consumer distrust and little confidence inside organizations that they can protect their sensitive data.

Simplicité already provides a strong security encryption for sensitive data. But as a trust partner and provider for your daily business applications we want to provide the best security tools to our customer, that why we choose to partner-up with SEED Protocol.

So what is SEED Protocol ?

Simple and complex answer at the same time. As the CEO describes it, with SeedProtocol you have ‘The benefits of blockchain without the unnecessary complexity’. It’s a unique and patented solution to prevent hacking.

Long story short, SEED (stand for Secure Exchange of Encrypted Data) protocol provides a multiple protection layer to ensure that any unsolicited person or program has access to the data you want to protect.

It means, multiple rings of encryption to provide the safest way into the cloud. You can share and grant varied levels of access to the sensitive data you want.

On top of that the individualized encryption tool provides the strongest way to go (even with quantum computers).

Advantages Blockchain versus SEED Protocol :


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