🎖 Gartner® Honourable Mention 🎖

As every year, the American analyst Gartner releases its Magic Quadrant on the High-Productivity aPaaS segment. Simplicité does not necessarily meet all the criteria to appear in the “magic square” but the platform is nevertheless mentioned honourably. It is specified that it may be appropriate for certain needs and is also in competition with the vendors in the quadrant.

This only reinforces our determination to offer you a complete platform at a reasonable cost to cover all your uses!

I consult the study (premium)


The new data protection regulations are coming!

You have certainly heard about it, it is on many lips…. The general data protection regulation will apply from 25 May 2018 !

You’re in the middle of thinking about this? The Simplicité platform can help you to deal with the most important points of this new regulation, which is shaking up entire areas of data management.

To learn more, we have created a specific page to understand how and on what specific points the platform can help you be compliant.

GDPR + Simplicité = <3

User Club 4th Edition

We invite Simplicité’s customers to the 4th edition of the users club! This event will take place on Wednesday 6 June 2018 from 14h in our new premises, 38 rue de Trévise in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

This will be an opportunity to discuss the many events that have marked Simplicité’s life since the last club a year ago. Business development, technical development, exchanges and workshops are on the agenda.


🚀 New features of the platform 🚀

SVG modeler, your vector models

The platform modeller Simplicité is one of the great strengths of the platform. It is now easier and more useful to add specific behaviors (templates and DOM manipulation). CSS syntax, faster serialization, parsing through Jquery.

New relationship management N – N

An additional novelty that will delight the platform designers, it is now possible to create N – N relationships directly from the Simplicité modeler! A must.


Sign and send your documents with Docusign integration

The electronic signature is a need for many companies. To best meet this need, the platform now manages integration with the world’s largest electronic signature provider: Docusign®.

This integration allows you to use all the functionalities related to this service: quotation signature, order form signature, contract signature. All these signatures meet the requirements of the “Advanced Signature”.

Autocompletion of fields for your data

Autocompletion of forms within the platform!

You can now pre-fill the fields of your applications by autocompletion. A great help for users who will no longer have to enter all their data in the corresponding fields.

Icons for all your projects

The Simplicité icons are evolving! A new selector appears. With this one, you have a multitude of possibilities:

  • Object icons (50px)
  • Small icons (16px)
  • Fonts icons (FontAwesome 5 and Glyphicons)

This new selector is divided into three parts, the first on the left corresponds to the object icons (5050), the central part groups the small icons (1616) and the last part on the right integrates the FontAwesome and Glyphicon icon fonts.

A search area at the top left allows you to have instantly the images corresponding to your need. Finally, the tabs will allow you to navigate between the different image families.


🗞 They talk about the platform  🗞



Creating a business application corresponds to a particular need of the company. When an organization does not find the right solution within the SaaS software offering, it compares cloud application development platforms to choose the web application that intelligently meets its specific needs. In this article, appvizer sheds light on many questions, and directs you towards 3 of the best services that position themselves as true partners of your processes and performances.
See the top 3 aPaaS platforms

See top 3 aPaaS on Appvizer


The world of app development moves at a lightning pace. Take too long writing an app and you could soon be beaten to the marketplace by the newest app developer on the block (who’s probably 10 years old). Or, in the case of an internal app for an enterprise, entire workflows could come to a grinding halt while a team of developers work out the newest UI bugs. Who has time for that?

Which low code platform is best for your need? 

 🏢 New offices for Simplicité 👨‍💻


After a two-month construction phase, the team took possession of the premises in its newly renovated offices!

More spacious, brighter, more pleasant… They will allow us to welcome customers, partners and collaborators in all peace of mind.

Have a coffee


👩‍💻 Customers and partners   🗒

New customer : 1Min30

We have the pleasure to count among our new customers the leader of inbound marketing in France, the agency 1min30 !

This project in progress will soon be presented during a joint webinar with Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel for the 1min30 part (the profession) and François Genestin for the Simplicité part (technical). You can already register at https://www.hypercroissance.fr/ to learn more.

Launch June 11, 2018 at 11am!

Going into hypergrowth ->

New partnership: Scrum digital

We are very pleased to announce the signing of a new partnership! Scrum Digital, directed by Benjamin Champenois is now a privileged partner throughout the western part of France. Feel free to contact him if you have a project.

🖥  One version hides another… 🖥


End of maintenance for v 3.0, it is time to move to v 4.0 🙂

The maintenance of Simplicité version 3.0 has just blown its last candles… It joins versions 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 in the “cemetery” of versions that will no longer be maintained.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

There will be no more evolution, “back-porting”, improvement, maintenance operation on the Simplicité 3.0*. The latter changes from Long Term Maintenance status to Expired. Of course, version 3.0 does not stop working.

*Exceptions excepted

I would like a demonstration of the V4