🚀 Simplicité “v4” is available ! 🚀

New major release

It’s been several months since we announced the future release of the latest version of Simplicité the “V Four” as we call it internally … It’s now official!

Here are some examples that will interest you:

— The ability to build your form screens by drag and drop.

— The organization of your Kanban objects with management of the state transitions.

— The choice of display between list and tiles (Masonry).

— A display that adapts to the format of your screen.

To learn more you can visit our page which summarizes the major developments of this new version.

What’s new ?

📣   User Club and Feedback #3  📣

Slides Simplicity User Club and Feedback

We had the pleasure to welcome users and prospects for an afternoon of exchange and sharing around the platform and the uses that are made of it.

User Club and Feedback

In addition to the presentation of the specific offer of Arismore IT Data insight, powered by Simplicity. The highlight of the day was the intervention of the development team in charge of business applications in the Brittany region.

Feedback - Brittany Region

This intervention was noticed in the audience, after a short presentation of the field of action of the CIO of the Brittany region, the team approaches the saving of time following the use of Simplicité and the results are there .. .! We leave it to you to discover all this in our blog post, without “wooden language”.

We also take the opportunity to announce that our blog is now translated into English! All articles are available in English and French.

Read the feedback from Brittany region

☁️ Cloud + Low-Code platform = digital transformation ☁️

On the occasion of Cloud Week Paris, Alliancy has launched a platform on which cloud experts can contribute. We brought our own to expose the few ingredients, which we think make a successful digital transformation.

Read the article ( 🇫🇷 )

Article Cloud Alliancy

👋 New customers 👋


In order to better control its information system, Boulanger chose Simplicité to carry out a first experiment in mapping its business references following the model of the Open Group “ArchiMate” with the implementation of 3 layers: business process / application / Technical.

Logo RenaultRenault, one of the French flagship of the automotive industry, chooses the Simplicité platform as part of an experiment on its architecture information system repository.

Logo PaysenseFirst project in India through the Sagacity Software integrator. The customer, PaySense, offers to its consumers the possibility of contracting microcredits through an application. The Simplicité platform will be used to efficiently organize the entire delivery process.

🔐 More security for everyone! 🔐

Illustration SEED Protocol

We are proud to announce our partnership with SEED Protocol! This combination allows us to provide you with an additional layer of security based on an innovative protocol based on a principle similar to the “Blockchain” .

Read blog article

Logo SEED Protocol