Simplicité Software 3.1 – New major release

A depth work has been carried out on certain engine optimizations such as performance improvement, new module management, enhancement of REST services, etc.

Support for new cloud as a service (PaaS) platforms such as RedHat OpenShift and Heroku. Functional side, implementation of the notion of “application scope“, ergonomic redesign, etc.




Simplicité keeps its promises!

One of our clients had an expert benchmark a complete benchmark of the Simplicité platform to verify its performance.


We participated in the hackathon State Platform / France Connect organized by the DISIC. For more info you can read Guillaume’s post on this subject



The Simplicité Software team was at the rendezvous of the hackathon organized by the DISIC (DSI of the State) with the objective to propose dematerialized solutions simplifying the life of the user.

By means of a FanceConnect authentication, by means of its tele-declaring account ( or the health insurance ( for example, the user can then connect with a click and perform Its steps without paper proof.

The Simplicité team has teamed up with the Éducation Nationale to set up a diploma verification tool.

London direction for the Cloud World Forum