We have completely redesigned our Simplicité training site. This new training space (still in Beta) is accessible online and is entirely developed “in-house”.

The back-office part is managed by Simplicité, the front office is managed by the Vue.js framework.

Compared to our old training site, this new one has the advantage of being entirely custom-built, as the saying goes: “you’re never better served than by yourself”.

We started from a blank sheet of paper, so the design was completely redesigned to make learning as easy as possible.

The menu on the left is reminiscent of the Simplicity menu, it can be folded up at any time by clicking on the “hamburger” button at the top left.

The lesson space is now divided into 3 parts :

  • The left part is reserved for the text (Markdown formatting).
  • The top right part shows the lesson slides, you can click on the image to zoom in.
  • Finally, the bottom right part shows a video of the lesson.

All these elements adapt to the user’s screen. We have also reviewed the different sections to simplify general understanding.

We look forward to your feedback on this new site!

PS: to access it -> https://docs2.dev.simplicite.io/ (site in Beta)