Simplicité Software fully shares the vision described in this graphic. After years of field experiments on SI projects, our observation is without appeal: triptych cost / delay / quality never satisfied, exponential maintenance of the code, investments hardly amortized and above all dissatisfaction of users due to inadequate solutions. Companies still imagine that they have only the choice of traditional software approaches (specific development, SaaS or non-SaaS packages, ERP) that are not in line with the needs of agile organizations and a constantly evolving business.

Yet an alternative exists: the “Model Driven” approach allows users to regain power and not be captive to publishers and developers. It is a model-driven mode of computer development that decouples by nature the business of the underlying technology and allows to maintain only the models and not the code. So we designed the Simplicité® platform so that your business activities can finally benefit from agile, reliable, scalable and cost-effective IT support. Do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration.

Via: Mendix