2020 was a special year in many ways! But it is now behind us and we have every reason to hope for better times for the one to come.

The whole Simplicité team wishes you a wonderful year 2021, full of projects, successes and hopefully, happiness!

In order to start off on the right foot, let’s take a look back at last year in a few lines…

2020 a pivotal year, under the influence of Covid

While a dangerous virus confines us for the first time, we take the time to expose in an article the reasons why we think that “low-code” will be an asset for the “next world” (a little overused expression it is true…), article published by Siècle Digital.

We are also taking advantage of this first lockdown time to create a whole series of videos that present the platform, who it is aimed at, who our customers are, followed by a highlighting of an example of the different “views” of the platform according to user profiles. To review the videos you can go directly to this page:

Limiting contacts limits events…

We had renewed our membership to the prestigious Club Décision DSI, but covid forced the event we were supposed to attend (Technological Innovation Meeting scheduled for March 2020) to be postponed. See you then in September 2021 (we hope) 👀 !

Our user club, which normally takes place once a year, will not take place in 2020 either. We prefer to postpone this event so that we can meet again (in physics!) when the time comes, hopefully in 2021 as well. This year is a special year but we won’t tell you more about it yet… ☺️

Internal developments on all fronts

In order to make our training more professional, we have decided to redesign our dedicated website. Thus leaving the “training” site based on WordPress, we are building our own training portal.

Clearer, more didactic, more interactive. We rethink everything from A to Z. All of this is orchestrated thanks to Simplicité with a hosting of the lesson content on Git.

Le nouveau site de formation Simplicité : h
Le nouveau site de formation de Simplicité : https://docs2.simplicite.io/

We are also taking the opportunity to release our App Store Simplicité!

App Store Simplicité

This first brick is intended to be a catalogue of example applications Simplicité. You will find business models, APIs, examples of integrations with third-party services, connectors and data lists.

We have summarised all this in this article.

More partners for more customers!

2020 also marks a strengthening of our partnership strategy and we are very happy and proud of the trust placed in us by our partner ecosystem.

In addition to our historical partners (Partenor Digital, Velvet, Serial.ch…) we have forged strong links with major IT players such as CapGemini and Orange Business Service. These renowned partners have enabled us to change the focus and win large-scale projects. We would like to thank them warmly, we are sure that our co-investment bodes very well for this new year and those to come.

In order to be in line with this reality of strong development of the Simplicité designer community, we have in parallel implemented and developed our certification programme.

You can find out more about certifications by following this link.

Finally, we are also looking forward to welcoming many new customers:

Facom, Calexa, EPIDE, EFS, LADOM are among Simplicité’s new customers.

V5 – the Bonne Nouvelle !

We wanted to end and above all start the year 2021 on a positive note, the official release of our latest version, the V5 of Simplicité that we decided to call very simply “Bonne nouvelle” 😌.

And as a change of digit implies great novelties… We have summarized the most important ones in this webinar.

Présentation de la V5 – Bonne Nouvelle in frecnh

Please note that we are accelerating our development processes. Exit the versions with pacthlevel, we are now moving to a clearer and more conventional scoring system: 5 . X . Y

  • The number (here 5) is the number of the major version.
  • The x corresponds to the minor version number (this is equivalent to the patch levels of older versions)
  • The y corresponds to the revision number, it didn’t exist in previous versions (the Git commit ID was used to track revisions, which wasn’t very intuitive), it will be increased each time a revision is made.

Until we can tell you more about the great things we are planning for 2021 we wish you a year without tech woes, a year always agile and full of JAVA! 🤞