Newsletter – Fall 2016

[Presentation] PM’up

It is official, Simplicité is laureate of PM’up Île-de-France. The Île-de-France region’s confidence in Simplicité is a key factor in supporting growth and internationalization. It will make it possible to start several projects, to help the development and the recruitment of the company.

[Top 250] French software publishers

At the beginning of September was held the ceremony of the Top 250 of the French software publishers. We had the pleasure of discovering that Simplicité was one of the happy present, in 132nd place, in the category of horizontal editors.

London Calling : market analysis for Great Britain

In our previous newsletter, we announced our membership to CapDigital. This accession followed, as we entrusted the mission to English experts to carry out a market study and competition in this territory. The conclusions will have to arrive shortly, but the first feedbacks are positive points.

Simplicité is in full transformation … v4.0 is coming

The new version of Simplicité

Simplicité is a platform always in motion. We are constantly on the bridge to evolve the present and imagine the future. Simplicité, currently in its version in 3.2 will evolve in 4.0. This major release will update and modernize the entire platform:

  • Responsive version for working both on tablet and smartphone
  • Management of objects, states, tasks in Kanban
  • Greater customization with simplified .css styles
  • Default Templating Proposal
  • “API” at all level of the platform

Training for professionals

Fafiec finances your training

The Simplicité platform makes it possible to quickly build any type of business applications. To know all the corners and nooks, we put at your disposal different training. From beginner to expert, there are for all levels. In order to make things easier, we are approved by Fafiec. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !

New clients

French Development Agency

The Agence Française de Développement chooses the Simplicité platform to create its data warranty portal.

The Marianne Repository in Production

The General Secretariat for the Modernization of Public Action trusts us to help it evaluate, measure and improve the quality of service to the user within the framework of the Marianne charter.


Another Startup that launches with Simplicité and offers a SaaS offering of scoring for human resources.