👩‍💻 On Monday, June 17, 2019, it is the Simplicité Club #5👨‍💻

Every year for 5 years now we have been organizing our user club. This year it will take place on Monday 17 June 2019 and will be divided into two parts.

The morning (9:30 – 12:00) will be reserved for users/designers. We will review past and future developments of the platform, the roadmap and devote a large part of it to exchanges.

In the afternoon (2pm – 6pm), open to all, you will be able to attend feedback from customers (Veolia, ANSM, DITP) and partners (Nexworld, Velvet, Streampart). Everyone, according to their experience, will answer the questions many people ask themselves:

How to use low-code to develop?
What are the (right) questions to ask?
How does a low-code project work?
Why the choice of Simplicité?
Each feedback will be a different way to see and understand how low-code is used and more particularly Simplicité. Private sector, public actors, partners…. All examples will be covered!

The number of places is limited we can only advise you to book yours today if you are interested!

Consortium des DSI 2019 – Simplicité will be there

We announced it in our last newsletter. We are now partners of the DSI Club and this partnership will be concretized on Thursday, June 13, 2019 during the DSI Consortium Day.

The DSI consortium is one of the main annual events organized by the club, which now boasts more than 1300 members.

On the program of this day, conferences and workshops, feedback and an exhibition space of IT companies (including Simplicité!) selected by a college of CIO members for their innovative character.

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Diabetes Tech

On June 6 & 7, BeMyApp is organising a challenge with Roche Diabetes Care France to support the diabetic patient. The objective of this event, Diabetes Tech, is to reflect on a collaborative platform between healthcare professionals and patients.

During the day of June 6, there will be an “Innovation Circuit” with 7 startups presenting their innovative solutions.

We are fortunate to be one of the 7 lucky ones elected to present Simplicité during this challenge, and are very happy to be involved in this noble cause.

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New customers – City of Lausanne, Ministries of the French Armed Forces, Veolia

As part of its activity, the IT Department of the City of Lausanne wanted to equip itself with a low-code development platform in order to be able to create business applications in an agile manner and on short cycles and in complete autonomy.

After a phase of getting to grips with the platform and gradually increasing autonomy, the IT department’s teams are able to develop all the city’s applications.

After long weeks of waiting and a rigorous selection process, we can announce that Capgemini et Simplicité has won the public contract for the implementation of a strategic HR application from the Ministry of Defence.

This proves once again that low-code has serious advantages that weigh in the balance when it comes to making structural choices.

In July 2018, Bordeaux Metropole entrusted Veolia with the management of public services for wastewater treatment and stormwater management.

Following this announcement, and via its subsidiary Sabom, the French multinational was looking for specific software to control pollution in effluents and tributaries of the Aquitaine metropolis. Velvet Consulting and Simplicité were responsible for building this custom application.

🤝 New partners 👌

Orange Business Service, Nexworld, Capgemini et Velvet Consulting !

The partnership strategy is bearing fruit!

You can now rely on three new partners for your business application projects/implementation with Simplicité.

Orange Business Service, Nexworld, Capgemini and Velvet Consulting!

📗 Simplicité is “Datadocké” 📒

Datadock is a unique database on vocational training from a quality perspective. It allows vocational training funders to check the compliance of training organisations with the quality criteria defined by the Law.

We therefore completed each of the 21 indicators in order to be referenced within the Datadock.

In fact, each funder can register Simplicité as a reference service provider in its catalogue.

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🤝 1, 2 ,3, (4) Meetup ! 👌

On May 27th, the 4th Meetup of the group took place: “Low-Code” Community 🤝 Let’s Meet☝️

This 4th meeting was the opportunity to discover how the Hackeet platform works with an original use case: create a Lego weather station! To do this, this platform dedicated to IoT was coupled to the Snips AI and OpenWeatherMap API, you can find this use case explained in this article.

We also demonstrated a Simplicité application using the READ image recognition library: Lucene Image Retrieval.

Feel free to register on our Meetup group to find out the next dates!

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🚀 New features of the platform – Simplicité P23 V4 🚀

Simplicité version 4 patchlevel 23 brings its share of new features, they are summarized in an article available on our blog.

This version provides many features for the code editor (but not only):

🧰 Direct access to the object definition.
📑 Direct links to javadoc and jsdoc.
💾 Registration of all tabs at the same time.
🕹 The ability to reorganize tabs by dragging and dropping.
👁 Previewing the version locally and on the server.
🔗 A treeview of access to direct links to code files.

Découvrir les nouveautés de la plateforme